Benefits To Have Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Account

Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail are the most popular free web-based email services. They offer plenty of benefits for their users.

Benefits of having a Gmail account

The following are the benefits of using a Gmail account.

  • Plenty of storage space

The main advantage of Gmail is that it offers a great deal of storage space. You are offered 15 GB of storage space for a regular account and 25 GB for a business account. Hence, you will not have any issues to store a huge number of email messages or messages with large files.

  • Multiple accounts option

You can have up to 5 POP email accounts with your main Gmail account. You do not have to sign into individual email accounts. For example, you can have Yahoo and the Hotmail emails from Gmail and receive all the new messages that come to these accounts on your Gmail. This feature is not offered on many of the other free email services.

  • Outlook synchronization

Gmail account can be synchronized with MS Outlook and is very useful for business professionals. It will provide you quick access to your emails when you are traveling and while using your smart phone devices.

  • Quick search options

The new Gmail allows you to add the Hotmail and the Yahoo account to the Gmail account. This will allow you to access all your emails from one single account. With the search option, you can easily find the saved emails in your Gmail like you are searching on the web. It will not search through the spam and the trash folder and hence the search results will be very relevant.

  • Personalization

Gmail platform can be customized according to your needs. You have the option to change the font size, the type of fonts, colors and themes, display of messages, etc.

Benefits of using Hotmail account

  • The Hotmail is more secure than before. It comes with the two-step verification process that will make your account a secure one.
  • Hotmail allows you to group emails that come to your inbox according to its type. You can place them in your personal folders. By doing so, you will be able to search the related emails very quickly.
  • The modern interface offered on Hotmail is similar to Microsoft Outlook. Hotmail offers plenty of storage space and easy contact management feature.
  • Hotmail is integrated with other popular Microsoft applications like Skype, OneDrive, Office online, etc.
  • There will be less number of advertising seen on your Hotmail account than what you experience while using Google.

  • The new Hotmail will allow you to check your social media accounts right from the inbox. It is integrated with all popular social media services like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. It offers very good contact management and allows you to send email notifications for social events and birthdays.
  • You can connect with your Facebook chat friends right from the outlook account. You do not have to change the windows to socialize with your friends. Google only allows a closed circle friend contact Google+.
  • Hotmail users have the option to use the Office online tools. They can make use of office documents, presentations, spreadsheets and more using their Hotmail account. They will also be able to edit, create and share the office documents online.
  • Hotmail interface is very easy to use and navigate, even for first-time users.
  • Corporate users can make use of the ActiveSync support to sync calendar, contacts, and mail. This is a free feature of Hotmail.

Benefits of using Yahoo account

  • With a Yahoo email account, you get a lot of free storage space. You do not get more storage space in your Gmail and Hotmail services.
  • It is very good option to make use of Yahoo email, web based service as all the emails can be saved online. There is no need for you to allot any hard drive space take care of your Yahoo mails.
  • It offers a very good functional calendar. Hence, keeping track of your deadlines will not be an issue. The yahoo calendar can be set up to send email reminders about events that have been scheduled on the calendar.
  • It comes with a Notepad feature that allows you to keep your notes in one place. You can use it to take notes, copy and paste some interesting text from web pages that you check, etc.

  • All the emails that come to your Yahoo Email folder will be scanned for viruses before you get to read them. This way your computer and other devices will be protected from getting affected by Scanning of the email for viruses will be done very quickly.
  • The emails that you create on Yahoo Mail can be customized using the stationery options. You can make use of built-in emoticons, change the size and font of the text, change the color, use bullets, highlight a word or line in your email, etc.

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