Comparison with other Email Services

There is no doubt that you would be having an email account by now. But, the main problem is, whether you are satisfied with your existing email service provider or would you like to switch to an alternative service. Most of the popular email services have been around for many years with Hotmail starting the email service, and now moving its users to in order to beat the popularity that Gmail is enjoying currently. Some of the popular email services on the web are: Gmail, or Hotmail, Yahoo mail, and small players like GMX and AOL. Despite and Yahoo mail being in the business for more years than it, most of the people prefer to use it´s services and have accounts all over the globe.

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Why Gmail is the Best?

In this article we explain that Gmail is an easy to use, lightweight and minimalist design free web based email service that offers everything that an email user wants. There was a time when you could not view inbox and the email at the same time. But, with a lot of upgrades and attractive features, mail users will know which of their contacts are online, as well as check out the emails side by side without needing to change pages.

These days it offers you labels instead of folders to organize your mails like work, personal, family, promotions and so on. It is one of the easiest and the most effective way to organize mails. All you need is to click a label and you will get all messages in the label listed instantly. This saves a lot of your time and you do not need to organize mails, as they get organized when they come to your inbox. This is not a common feature in most of the popular email services.

Gmail is a very fast and reliable email service unlike others and offers you an attachment file size of up to 25MB. A free account user gets to use 15GB of storage space which is viable even for regular email users. It is very easy to integrate your account with other Google services.

There are many ways through which you can view mails, with default setting showing messages in date order. Priority mails will be put on the top of the inbox whenever Gmail thinks that the messages are important.

Some of the other attractive features offer by Gmail that drives more and more people to use it are: setting up any image as email background, matching of ads with email content, import of contacts, collection of email from other POP accounts, the regular addition of new easy to use features, use of one ID to access all facilities offered by Google and many more.

If you are looking for a wide range of functionality, reliability and easy usage options in your free web based mail service, then there is no better option than Gmail. So, sign up for an account and stay connected with other friends and relatives all across the globe.

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