Create Outlook Account: Sign in

The Outlook is an active email user, like businessmen, teaching professionals or people who need emails use email without any hassle. If you are tired of using your email services web Inbox, then Outlook is just the right things for you. Just by entering your email account information you can start sending or receiving emails in minutes!

outlook sign in

  1. When you will open your mail outlook a screen will appear with a welcome banner.
  2. You can use the other email account on your outlook as well. To use another email account, click tool followed by a click on the account.
  3. A screen will appear with added another account, exchange account and email account buttons.
  4. Click on the email account and Enter Your Name and full email address and password.
  5. Select POP3 or IMAP whereas our recommendation is IMAP.
  6. The same pages also include type, incoming server, outgoing server and how you want to connect your incoming and outgoing server. For connection SSL is recommended.
  7. Next, you need to configure the outgoing server setting. For that click option, authentication, use the incoming server info and click OK. This will save your setting and you are ready to use your mail outlook.

To make it simple all you need to do is

  • Now open Mail from your pc.
  • Now click the tools button in outlook and select (Email accounts) and click the button Add.
  • Go to the File tab followed by options and clicks add account.
  • And make sure you select “Manually configure network settings”.

Now enter your basic account information asked by Outlook, It will allow it to access your mail account on your behalf and to send or receive emails as you!

  • Enter Display Name (The name though which you want to be appeared in front of people when they receive your Email).
  • Give your  account name (Your email account or email id) which you are using for routine email receiving or sending).
  • In the email address section just write your email address again the same as above
  • And now the Password (Write your password in it).

By doing this you have successfully configured Mail Outlook with your Mail account. Now you can start sending or receiving emails very easily and without any hassle…

It is ideal for anyone who wants to have a quick and instant access to his or her email. It is quick, comprehensive and easy. Logging in Outlook seems to be a quite complicated, but in fact it is simple and easy. It includes some simple and convenient steps. At the same time while configuring the mail outlook it is recommended be extra careful and precious as this can affect the utility and efficiency of the software.

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