Differences Between Hotmail vs Outlook Are Being Done Away

Are you wondering what the differences between Hotmail and Outlook are? Initial years when Hotmail and Outlook existed, there were considerable differences such as:

  • It was a web enabled email service.
  • The Outlook was a mail service provided by Microsoft for all Windows users.
  • The Outlook email had to be configured with the internet service provider’s settings while it could be accessed through a web browser on any computer.

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Both Parts Of Microsoft

Today, however, the differences have changed as both are part of Microsoft’s service. Hotmail has been acquired by Microsoft and it is being moved to the Outlook.com platform by Microsoft. That means a lot of changes for the Hotmail users. If you realize that the move is inevitable, you can take on a number of steps to make the move before Microsoft does it for you.

Upgrading To Outlook

You might have had a long standing relationship with Hotmail and you might have a number of services or external accounts associated with the Hotmail account. You will need to upgrade to Outlook as Microsoft has initiated the process. It means the following:

  • All your existing messages, settings and contacts will get migrated to your existing account.
  • You will retain the same email and password.
  • Emails that are addressed to your account will land up at your outlook.com inbox.
  • Emails that you send from the outlook account will show the return address as hotmail.com

You might want to set up an email address. That is similar to setting up an alias. Once the alias is set up, emails that you send will be from an outlook.com email address while the emails addressed to email address will reach your outlook.com inbox.

Starting Off With A Brand New Outlook Account

You might have an account that is sparingly used. It might not be associated with any external account or service. It could be an account that you want to do away with. In that case you can start with a new account in Outlook. The consequences would be as follows:

  • If you sign up for a new account in Outlook, nothing will be migrated from the existing account in Hotmail. Here is the site web official.
  • You will have a brand new Outlook account.
  • You can allow the Hotmail account to fade away as any inactive account, and after a certain period of time it will be closed by Microsoft.
  • If you want to start afresh, but still wish to retain the account, you can link the accounts together. You can switch between them as and when you need. You will still retain two separate accounts.

Moving From Hotmail To Outlook

When you log into your  account, you will find the message asking you to upgrade to Outlook. You can choose to upgrade later or upgrade immediately. The upgrade process is smooth and it will not upset the email settings that you are used to:

  • You need to upgrade by logging into Outlook.com by using the email login details.
  • The upgrade process will be instantaneous.
  • You will be provided with initial information and tips.
  • Once you have gone through such preliminary steps you can begin to use Outlook.com

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