Gmail Sign in – Login with 2-steps process

Sometimes, when you are using the internet café’s or other shared computers to access your login account, there are chances that, someone may guess your password and enter your account and your information gets leaked. So, to protect your mail account, Google has designed an added layer of protection to your account using the 2-steps verification while you sign in to your account.

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Gmail sign in 2-steps process includes logging in to the account with your login details and adding an extra code to make it difficult to access.  If you currently have an account, you can activate the 2- step verification process and can make your account secure. If you have opted for the 2-step verification, you will receive a code every time you use the computer to log in. The code will be sent by Google to your phone number provided by you, while activating the sign in 2-steps verification option. You will receive the code when you login and a code can be used only once for login. If you are using your personal computer, it is possible to register the computer when you are ‘signing in’ to the account. This will enable you to get access to the account without the code. However, the code will be sent to your mobile phone, and you will not be able to access the account from other devices using the same password and username. You will need to use the Google Authenticator option to access the code and use them on your mobile device.

The user can select the method to receive the sign code. You can select the text message option or the voice call option according to your preference or convenience.  You can also get backup codes which will enable you to use the service when your phone is not available for receiving the code.

2-steps verification

To set up a Gmail sign in 2-steps verification,

  • Log into your account here or type in the browser.
  • Click on the option “account” on the right top corner.
  • Click on “privacy” option and select the 2-step verification option.
  • You will be asked to sign in to your account one more time.
  • In the “sign in” page, enter your phone number on which you want to receive the code from Google.
  • Now, enter the backup phone number which can be used by Google when you lose your first phone number or it is unavailable.
  • You will now receive the code to enter your account on your first phone number.
  • Use this code to turn on 2 step verification.
  • If any person is trying to enter your account, you will receive an alert from the Google.

Once you have made your account safe, you can chat, send files and data, photos, videos without any fear of others accessing it from your mail ID.  You can make use of all the advantages and services offered by it to its users.

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