How Activate 2-Steps In iCloud Account?

Security is utmost important for everything and this is why there is high usage of Two-factor authentication in iCloud account.  This is like an extra layer which is created with the purpose to ensure the person to access the account and no one else until the password is known to others except you.

How activate 2-steps in iCloud account?

Steps to activate 2-steps in iCloud account are as follows:

  • First step

Start by turning on two-factor authentication in Settings.

If you use iOS 10.2 or prior editions then go through the below mentioned steps:

  1. Settings >> iCloud.
  2. Tap on Apple ID >> Password & Security.
  3. Then, tap turn on Two-Factor Authentication.
  4. Lastly, tap Continue.

There might be the chance you are asked to answer few Apple ID security related queries

  • Second step

Enter and confirm the trusted phone number

Enter the contact number where you feel the need to receive the verification codes while you sign in. You can make the selection for catching the codes by SMS or through an automated phone call.

Tap ‘Next’ and Apple will send a verification code on the contact number that you provided

Enter verification code for checking the contact number and also for turning onto two factors.

Guidelines while using 2-steps in iCloud account

Two Factor primarily used with the motive to improve the security of Apple ID. Once it is turned on, sign in the account which requires a password as well as access to the trusted devices or the contact number. Make sure for keeping your account absolutely secure and ensure for not losing the access. Follow the below mentioned guidelines for perfect results:

  • It is really important to remember the Apple ID password.
  • Make use of device pass code on all the devices.
  • Update the trusted contacts numbers.
  • Keep trusted devices absolutely secure.

Know how 2-steps in iCloud account works

The two-factor authentication will let you access the account on different devices, including iPad, iPhone and even Mac. When you feel the need for signing the new device in the first attempt then you are required to provide with two pieces of info including the password and six-digit verification. By using the code, you will be able to verify that you can trust the new device. For instance, if you have purchased a new iPhone then you will be prompted for entering the password along with verification code. As only password is not just enough for accessing the info, the two factor authentication increases the security of iCloud account.

After you signed in, you will not be asked for the verification code anymore on the same device again until and unless you sign out or remove the device or else alters the password for security reason. When you sign in on the web, you need to make use of the most reliable browser which will not further ask for the verification code when you sign in next time from the same PC.

  • Devices most trusted

The most trustworthy devices are iPad, iPod, iPhone, along with iOS 9 and later editions. The other devices include Mac with OS X El Capitan and later, which you have already gone through two-factor authentication. This is the device that we know belong to yours, which later can be used for confirming the identity by displaying of the verification code from Apple.

  • Phone number most trusted

The most trusted phone number is that number which can be used for receiving the catching the verification code via automated phone number or via SMS. You are required to select and verify any of the two contact numbers for enrolling in two-factor authentication.

Make sure for verifying other contact numbers as well, which you want to access like home phone number or your friend’s contact number etc. These numbers can be used in the condition when you temporarily fail to access the devices.

  • Verification code

It is temporary code which is sent to the trusted contact number or some known device while you sign in via new device or the browser through Apple ID. You can also collect verification code from Settings on the trusted device. This verification code is somewhat different from device pass code which you must have entered for unlocking the iPhone, iPad, or iPod.

How to manage accounts?

Manage the trusted contact numbers, account into as well as trusted devices and other account related info for beneficial results.

Keep trusted contact numbers up to the mark

About making utilization of the two-factor authentication, make sure for using at least one trusted contact number on file to receive verification codes. You can update the trusted contact numbers while making use of the following mentioned steps:

  1. Move to Apple ID account page.
  2. Then sign in Apple ID.
  3. Move to Security Section and then press Edit.

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