How Create A Hotmail Account With This Simple Way?

Here is the step-by-step process to create Hotmail account

If you already have an account in Hotmail then it is fine, but if you are new to Hotmail and wanted to open an email account, then follow the below given steps to reach your goal:

  • Step#1

First of all, log in the web browser and type or

  • Step#2

This will move you to the log in page of the Microsoft services.

  • Step#3

Get onto the login panel and fill the username and Hotmail address.

  • Step#4

By turning onto the next page, enter the password very carefully.

  • Step#5

Once correct password is entered, you will get a chance to move to the Inbox page.

  • Step#6

As soon as you gain accessibility to the Hotmail Inbox, you can continue utilizing the various features which Hotmail account actually provisioned for its users.

What is the way to stay in Hotmail?

This option is highly fruitful for those who access Hotmail account on the regular basis or very frequently and wanted to stay connected to Hotmail account to get aware of what is happening in the account. This is crucial for those as well who work from home or you are in the habit to check emails on the board. You will find this option under the password panel. Check this box and you hardly feel the requirement to key either username of password every time you wish to use your account. This option avails you the opportunity to check the account when you sign in the MS Outlook domain. Follow the below given steps and stay connected to Hotmail:

  1. First, sign in or on web browser.
  2. Enter the valid email ID on the front page.
  3. The next page will appear where you need to enter the password.

After entering the password carefully, you will be asked to stay logged in. Check this option, it is up to you to follow it or not. If you go for it, then you do not need to enter the password again and again. Only typing the domain address will work.

Two step verification feature for data security

Two-step verification is a protection proviso from Microsoft for all its esteemed users for reducing any sort of hacking like attempts to the email account. The increasing threat perceptions create a need to secure data in every possible way. This feature secures the sign in process to the email account when you get into the situation to sign in the account from different devices.  Find out below how this feature beholds the security to your account:

  1. When there is a dire need for using Inbox.
  2. The Account settings towards the corner of the Inbox need to be accessed.
  3. Security settings where two step verification like lineaments can be activated.
  4. Whenever “two step verification” activates you may find the need to add additional info.
  5. If you fail to provide any other alternate email ID, it has to be provided and validated. Also add the relevant contact number.
  6. Once you add the additional account security info, you can use two step verification features to sign in within Hotmail account.
  7. As soon as two step verification info gets activated, enter the security code which is sent to your phone via text message on at your email address.
  8. This will protect your account from being unnecessarily accessed by others.

What access code feature is all about?

Access code is another security feature that Microsoft facilitates to its users. This feature can be activated on your smart phone as well. After all this gets over, you are admitted to access code synchronized whenever you want to access your email account. This feature prevents the need to enter the a/c password every time you want to access your email account. It actually saves your time and make things extremely easier for you, especially when you are a time-pressed person.

Other useful features to Hotmail

  • Use focused section to check priority email.
  • Single sweep feature moves away insignificant correspondence to email inbox and make it clutter free.
  • The email inbox will help you to stay incorporated with social media accounts; it makes you comfortable to check the posts, latest updates, reply to the conversations and so on.
  • The Office suite gets incorporated with the Hotmail account to edit, create, and share spreadsheet, documents, and presentations.
  • Hotmail inbox provides supplementary Skype integration, cloud storage option, and various other benefits that Microsoft proffers.

The above mentioned features gives a clear view how Hotmail is important for everyone, including home users and at different workstations. It is the best email partner no matter whether you sign in your account through desktop or via a smart phone. Microsoft always assures that Hotmail remains your best experience whenever you login the account from various devices.

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