The many benefits associated with Gmail and Google Drive

Everyone probably has a Gmail account these days. Indeed, gone are the days when hotmail was the preferred mail service provider. Even though hotmail or yahoo is still dependable mail service providers, they have been overshadowed by Google by a long shot. Google is the number one search engine that is connecting the whole world, people prefer to be on this platform when it comes to accessing emails or various other web based tools and features that Google provides.

gmail drive

Multiple Accesses

One more reason for the popularity of Gmail is the one login access that allows you to gain access to all the popular sites and tools on Google:

And other popular tools and facilities like Google search and Google Play. For all such reasons, everyone vies for a Google account these days. What makes it more convenient is that, once you have created an account on Gmail, you gain access to all these features as well as blogging tools, shopping, wallet and even Google AdSense.

Simple Sign Up Process

The process of signing up for Gmail is akin to all other email accounts signing up process. There is a minimal requirement of personal information. All you need is a valid contact number to get started. The account sign up page link is available on the Google main page. You could opt to sign up for a Google account or a Gmail account. You will be Read More…

How to connect to Hotmail and Facebook through Skype

Skype And Its Services

Not many people will want to know what Skype is. That is because it is an application or a way of communicating that many have got familiar with. It is a way of sending text messages as well as voice and video over the internet. Skype came in and made such communication simpler and easy over the web. On this review, we report Skype is now available on all platforms, from desktop computers to laptops, tablets and mobile devices. Indeed, before one would need to hunt for a microphone and earphones to connect through Skype.

skype integration hotmail

Today the modern devices have built in speakers and cameras to allow you to connect with loved ones and friends instantly over Skype. The best part about Skype technology is that it is free and you do not need to pay additional charges to speak or connect with national or overseas locations.
There are paid or premium services on Skype like most other services available online. While the basic text, voice and video services come free, if you opt for a premium account, you can do more things like call to phone lines, access Wi-Fi and other services. You can even pay for a certain service at a certain time or sign up for a subscription service.

Linking Social Media Accounts With Skype

Today, many people are linking their social media accounts with Skype. There are several benefits of having your email or social media account linked with Skype. The friends on your email list or on the friends list in your Facebook account who have Skype will Read More…

Differences Between Hotmail vs Outlook Are Being Done Away

Are you wondering what the differences between Hotmail and Outlook are? Initial years when Hotmail and Outlook existed, there were considerable differences such as:

  • It was a web enabled email service.
  • The Outlook was a mail service provided by Microsoft for all Windows users.
  • The Outlook email had to be configured with the internet service provider’s settings while it could be accessed through a web browser on any computer.

hotmail outlook

Both Parts Of Microsoft

Today, however, the differences have changed as both are part of Microsoft’s service. Hotmail has been acquired by Microsoft and it is being moved to the platform by Microsoft. That means a lot of changes for the Hotmail users. If you realize that the move is inevitable, you can take on a number of steps to make the move before Microsoft does it for you.

Upgrading To Outlook

You might have had a long standing relationship with Hotmail and you might have a number of services or external accounts associated with the Hotmail account. You will need to upgrade to Outlook as Microsoft has initiated the process. It means the following:

  • All your existing messages, settings and contacts will get migrated to your existing account.
  • You will retain the same email and password. Read More…