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Facebook as it is the most popular and catchy social web site where you can meet unlimited number of people. Making new friends was not that easy ever. But thanks to the social media and web sites like Facebook which gives a chance to make new friends to communicate, share, chat and even can make a video call like Skype!! So what you are waiting for??

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Follow these simple steps on this link to be a part of Facebook family, and make unlimited number of friends. Be social.

  1. First of all visit or click here to access via your browser. The site is very simple and descriptive. Everything on the Facebook is self-explanatory. To understand it, all you have to do is just visit the site.
  2. Then when the page is opened if you look at the upper right corner you will see a big black SIGN UP logo. Below that you will have (First Name, Last Name, email, and password block) which you have to fill up. It is preferred to use the name or email that you normally use so that your friends and family can find you easily.
  3. You have to fill your Name in the first two blocks which are adjacent to each other.
  4. After writing your name just simply writes your email address which you are currently using, then re-write it for email conformation. Again if you want to get connected with your friends and family use the email that you normally use in your daily routine.
  5. Finally choose a password that suits you or that you can remember. Try to make it a little complicated so that it in is not easily guessed. It’s better to have a combination of numbers and alphabets.
  6. Then select your birthday (day, month and year). It is used for confirmation incase you loose or forget the password.
  7. Mark your Gender i.e. (male or female). Be truthful it is essential for social networking.
  8. And finally click on Sign up button. The Facebook will take some time in processing your provided information and a new page will be opened.

facebook features

Social networking is rather essential in today’s world. It is a quick and easy way to get connected with your friends, family, loved and cherished ones. Creating a Facebook account is not difficult at all. It consists of some simple and easy steps. After the account is opened and confirmed now you can search your friends and family through email or by name. In my opinion searching via email is much easy. Facebook is recognized for more that just an interactive site. It has also proven its worth to business world and advertisements. In short this site can offer you more that you could even imagine. So don’t wait, log on to Facebook follow the simple eight steps and connect to the world of social media with possibilities beyond imagination. It is easy, it is simple and it is extremely useful.

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