The many benefits associated with Gmail and Google Drive

Everyone probably has a Gmail account these days. Indeed, gone are the days when hotmail was the preferred mail service provider. Even though hotmail or yahoo is still dependable mail service providers, they have been overshadowed by Google by a long shot. Google is the number one search engine that is connecting the whole world, people prefer to be on this platform when it comes to accessing emails or various other web based tools and features that Google provides.

gmail drive

Multiple Accesses

One more reason for the popularity of Gmail is the one login access that allows you to gain access to all the popular sites and tools on Google:

And other popular tools and facilities like Google search and Google Play. For all such reasons, everyone vies for a Google account these days. What makes it more convenient is that, once you have created an account on Gmail, you gain access to all these features as well as blogging tools, shopping, wallet and even Google AdSense.

Simple Sign Up Process

The process of signing up for Gmail is akin to all other email accounts signing up process. There is a minimal requirement of personal information. All you need is a valid contact number to get started. The account sign up page link is available on the Google main page. You could opt to sign up for a Google account or a Gmail account. You will be provided the account with a Google account automatically. You simply need to fill in the name, contact number, birth date, gender, and choose a username and password to get started. You might be prompted for an alternate email id for safety reasons as well as to choose security questions for added security of your account.

Varied Experience

Today Google offers varied experience to its users. There is a wide variety of Google products to access like Gmail, Google+, YouTube and other applications. You can personalize your Google experience and decide the tools and products which you want easy access to. Google Talk is a chat messenger service that allows you to chat via text, audio and video facilities and even leave text messages to the other person.

Virtual Storage Solution

For all your storage needs, you need not depend on the hard disk of your computer anymore. That is what Google Drive provides – versatility in storing large documents and other data anywhere you are and access them from any device or network as long as there is internet connectivity. Google Docs and Google Drive are interconnected. While Google Docs allow you to upload documents and spreadsheets, the Drive is like your virtual storage space. Any kind of file can be stored here and downloaded or shared through secure connections. The space provided is up to fifteen gigabyte of storage space. This is free and available to anyone with a Gmail account. This space is enough to run a small business and store the business documents. You can have the Drive folder on your computer and simply drag and drop the files which you want on the virtual cloud. You can then access these documents from a mobile app or from any computer.

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